the presence of a grandma

The past two months have been a emotional roller-coaster for my family.  We have had life leave us and we have had new life enter into our hearts.  Lila Jayne Hansen McCoy, or known to me as just simply Grandma – left us in January.  I had her in my life for 40 full years and she meant more to me than I can possibly type in words.  My hopes are to keep her energy alive in me for years to come.  The smells of her chili simmering on the stove, the taste of her special tea, the sound of her humming as she worked, the vision of her beautiful golf swing, the brush strokes from her talented paintings…all things that I cherish.  I can only dream of such longevity with the family legacy that she built and left behind.  This is what life is about.  Until we meet again my sweet Grandma…



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