Generation Photographer | Mommy and Me Sessions

Moms, when is the last time you were in the photos with your little ones?  When is the last time you documented a memory on camera that is so crucial and could easily be forgotten years down the road? So many Moms think of how we might not look our best in the present time – or feel insecure when in front of the camera. But, in reality – your kids only see…their Mom.  They see you for how you are and will cherish these photos someday looking back on what they remember as ‘their childhood’.  That’s what its about!  So, step out of your comfort zone for a short 20 minutes with me and I promise you that I will produce photos with your children that you can be proud of!  Bring Grandmas too….love the idea of bringing generations together for quality portraiture! Don’t let another year pass with a chance to celebrate YOU and your children…


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