McCoy Family | Sunset Beach, NC Photography

I can’t tell you how many times a year I hear my clients tell me that they can’t be in the photos with their children.  They are feeling that their hair isn’t colored perfectly, or maybe there is extra weight to be run off.  I always find myself wanting to give a little lecture to try to get them to look twenty years down the road.  Twenty years into the realization that their kids remembered them for exactly who they were at the time.  Not for the one moment their hair was fixed or they were at their perfect body scenario.  They simply will recall a photo with Mom and Dad and the memory that came into play in that moment.  …..then came my family vacation this summer.  Uh-huh.  I actually was feeling pretty decent the day we were prepping for photos.  Decent windblown hair from the salt air, outfits all matched and the entire family was generally in a good mood.  We proceeded ‘in-tune’ to what would turn out to be some decent photos!  Possibly even one for the wall.  But, I can assure you that once I sat down to edit the photos – my reflection didn’t appear to be the same person I saw getting ready in the mirror back at the beach!  I was a little heavier, my hair had a little more static and I was frustrated with my lack of ‘placing’ people in the best positions that would flatter them in the pic.  After a day of driving myself crazy – I took my own advice and remembered what I try to tell families who trust me with their sessions.  Did any of those things matter?  In the end – nope.   My kids will still love this memory someday and will see me as just plain old Mom.  I can handle that.  🙂  If anything, I’m hoping that I find the determination to find myself again along the path…to the next family photo!

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