Fall…Glorious Fall (v1)| Riverside Family Photographer

Sharing smiles from the triple threat today!  This shoot is what I believe to be the sixth year in a row that I have had the privilege of getting my lens on these three lovelies.  I used to get to see them more often when we lived closer – but this time around I hadn’t seen then in many moons.  Was shocked to see how they have changed and how they are anything but little any more.  My old funnies of making crazy noises and bad jokes no longer worked to get them to laugh hysterically.  Having Mom dance some bad moves and sing inappropriate songs didn’t even work!  We had to up the ante and pull some new tricks out of the hat.  The way that they dive into conversation and interact with each other is a photographers dream! A huge thanks to the B family for always being so easy going on our shoots.  You are the best!

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