Final Shoot of 2015 | Extended Family Photographer

Extended. Family. Photo Shoot.  Something that happens so rarely in this day and age.  Back in the day, the full family photo was the main event.  The one photo of the year where folks dressed up and stood perfectly in place to get ‘the shot’. In an era now full of selfies and quick snap shots on smart phones – to actually get an entire group together and hire someone to take the shots is slowly becoming obsolete.  I often wonder… years from now – will we truly have photos to look back on from years prior? People shoot hundreds of photos a month now on their phones – but do they actually take the time to print them or save the videos they shoot for long term reference?

This is why I get pretty excited when I am contacted to do a full family shoot! Sending kudos to the Pondel family for taking the time and consideration to get their family together for what could be some of the most important personal photos to you years down the road. We headed to the Garfield Park Conservatory on a cold December day to warm things up a bit and had some fun wandering the different rooms.  Amazing how pops of colors in the gorgeous flowers and the warmth of the sun through the glass can renew a spirit in winter.  Thank you much for the opportunity to meet your family and capture the gorgeous smiles!

*Please Note:  Keli McCoy Photography offers gift certificates that can be presented to family members at any time and the actual photo shoot can occur within  a year!

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