…and baby makes four! | La Grange Highlands Photographer

…and baby makes four indeed!  This Mama and I have been friends since high school and she recently moved a few suburbs over – so is now within reach of seeing her and her awesome fam more often.  We’ve got big plans for splash pads and picnics in the near future! I have had the chance of a few other sessions with her first, Alena – but this was my first chance for a meet and greet with the new beauty, Addison. Mmm…she has my favorite scent ever – baby scent!  Just look at these cheeks.  LOVE.

There are few sessions where clients actually let me into their home for a more intimate session – but let me tell you…I really am loving these home sessions more and more. Families are relaxed.  Kids are in their element. This is your space – and years from now these photos will probably mean more to you than any possible outdoor space. Consider a home session at least once while your kiddos are small. You won’t regret it!  Now, onward to these gorgeous faces.  Enjoy!

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