Operation Fairy Garden

Operation Fairy Garden ideas started swirling in my head after a few popped up on my Pinterest wall one afternoon.  Having a four year old who loves anything dealing with fairies – this seemed like an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  Until…we went out to the stores hunting for fairy garden materials.  Hello! $15-20 for each small piece of fairy furniture?  $30 for a twig fence?  Holy schmolly – too much for this Mama to handle.  We ended up purchasing a few minor items and I decided to turn the house and fence making into our own personal art instead.  She loved it!  We made the twig and rock hunt into a game.  With a hot glue gun, the twigs became a fence and the rocks became painted mushrooms. I would make ten of these if I could – as they keep Gracelyn busy with fun while we work in the yard and garden.  Two thumbs up to the fairy garden!

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