Southwestern Egg Rolls | Orland Park Photographer

I don’t know about you, but we are always looking for tasty meals without meat a few times a week.  We are meat lovers, so this is a tall order. Tonight, we tried southwestern egg rolls that were pretty darn scrumptious. My hubby laughs at me because I have been known to watch several cooking shows on the weekends to start off my day – but rarely do I ever actually follow through with cooking from the cooking show.  What can I say?

Valerie Bertinelli had a recipe on her Food Network series recently that caught my attention – so we decided to give it a whirl tonight. Two thumbs up to these Southwestern Egg Rolls with a Salsa.  The recipe actually makes 16 (whoa Nelly!) so they are perfect for hosting a party. They pack in the punch with flavor and are a great way to get in some veggies!  I was a little intimidated to work with the egg roll wrappers – but it was so simple. Hint: If you can’t find the wrappers in your Asian section at the store – they are probably in the fresh veggies section near the tofu.  Enjoy!

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