An online presence with your audience should be built on being authentic and value-driven. Show yourself. Be yourself. 

  • Fill out the contact page to get the ball rolling. 
  • We will have a Connection Call to chat about your hopes and make sure we are a good fit!
  • Finalize signing the digital contract and  invoice deposit. 50% due at booking. 
  • The Welcome & Style Guide  will be sent - loaded with all the goods!
  • Fill out a brand questionnaire. These details will allow me to get to work planning to deliver images that fit the vision. 
  • One final zoom/chat to make sure all bases
    are covered. 
  • Show up and smile! I promise to walk you through the steps. You might even have a little fun! Shh, I won't tell anyone.  

  • Welcome & Style Guide 
  • Timeline & shot list blueprint
  • Private gallery with all high-res edited images
  • Commercial usage rights

Piece of cake!   

A consistent cohesive look is key.
That IS the brand! 

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We believe

The Process

$750 + tax

team headshots & all collection concepts 

* collection style options will be presented in your welcome guide.

* Individual headshots and product photography begin at $225.  

Connection Call
Custom Vision Board
4 Shooting Hours 
95 edited high-res images
Up to 3 locations
Unlimited outfit changes
Months of materials! 

The Game Plan
(you & your team)

$595 + tax

headshots & many collection concepts

Connection Call
Custom Vision Board
3 Hours of Shooting
70 edited high-res images
Up to 2 locations
Up to 4 outfit changes
3-4 months of materials and best bang
for your buck!

The Boss
(you only)

* Collection Concepts: different types of imagery options to choose from depending on what your business needs most. Options include (but not limited to) working lifestyle shots, showcasing  products and services, branded flatlays, behind-the-scenes and celebratory. 

* Reserving preferred off-site locations may include additional fees.

* Headshot only and individual product photography sessions begin at $275.
Please inquire on the contact page.   

$450 + tax

headshots & 2 collection concepts 

Connection Call
Custom Vision Board
90 minutes of Shooting
30 edited high-res images
1 location
1 outfit change
Perfect for a refresh!

The Pivot
(you only)

Service Options

A: Brand Photography is for creating a personal connection with the audience you want to engage with and grow your online presence. People are drawn to brands that are authentic and personal! Yep...that means showing your personality throughout your socials! The goal is to generate trust and revenue. In addition to headshots, we will capture lifestyle and candid images. flatlays, product images - or whatever your business calls for! 

Q: what makes brand photograpy different than headshots?

A: Together, we will find the best options to keep your location on-brand. If your home or office is not a fit, we can consider local parks, coffee shops, venues or even daily studio rentals. 

Q: How will we choose a location?

A: Anywhere you want to increase engagement! Websites, social media platforms, newsletters, blogs, headers, advertisements, printed mailers, digital ads, billboards, branded PDF's, pricing guides....the list is endless! 

Q: where would i use these images that we will shoot? 

A: Our time together will depend on the package you choose. You will have options on what "Collection Concepts" fit your brand best. To name of few: headshots, working lifestyle shots, client interaction, showcase products and services, branded flatlays, behind-the-scenes, personality and celebratory. Each of these will be explained in the Welcome Guide you will receive upon booking. 

Q: what kind of images will we shoot?

A: Once we get through the Connection Call and I plan your timeline blueprint, you will receive a list of everything you need to gather for our session date. I promise to give you plenty of time to prepare! Your Welcome Guide will spark many ideas for you. 

Q: what do i need to bring/prepare?

A: Absolutely! We request a 50% deposit (non refundable should you cancel) at the time of booking and the remaining 50% will be due 48 hours before the photoshoot date. 

Q: can i divide up my session fee?

A: I will announce family and children sessions twice a year in the spring and fall. Keep an eye on my socials for the announcements as to when I am booking these sessions! Family sessions begin at $325. 

Q: do you still shoot families and children?